About Us

Over the past 12 years the fisheries of the Mnyera and Ruhudji River in South Western Tanzania have fast built a reputation as one of the finest fresh water fisheries available to the discerning travelling angler. The trophy tiger fish that call these rivers home provide unparalleled tiger fishing opportunities. The Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers are widely regarded as THE destination to target tiger fish in the 10 – 25lb range. The continued success of the fisheries can be attributed to the cutting-edge concession and fishery management, and strict guiding protocols implemented by Kilombero North Safaris. Since 2008 when the international guests were first introduced to the fishery, growth and development has been in a controlled and scientifically based manner. Comprehensive data collection, recording each and every fish caught and released, combined with leading academic research and advice, has allowed us to manage the fishery and grow the product in a sustainable and responsible manner. This combined with the intense anti poaching measures implemented over the past 5 years has ensured the fishery is as productive as ever.

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