Tanzania Fly Tackle Requirements

Fly Rods Tigerfish: Fast actions 9wht rods, three or four pieces if possible, for travelling.
Bring at least one spare rod We recommend the ECHO3 9ft 9wht. This rod matches the Sci Angler 300G and 350G lines and is a powerful fish fighting tool. Fly Rods Yellow Fish:
9ft 5wht, three or four pieces for travelling Reels Tigerfish:
Large arbour direct drive with good drag – Shilton SL 6 is perfect
Reels must be loaded with at least 150 meters of 30 lb backing. Reels Yellowfish:
Standard 5wht fresh water reel Lines Tigerfish (tropical):
Sci Angler 350G Streamer Express (or 350G tropic Express) that will match up well with a 9wht rod. This is an intermediate running line with 9.1-meter 350grain (roughly 7 Inches per Second) head. This is the default line and used most often. Sci Angler makes the best line in this class, so do not substitute.
Full length WF Intermediate Line (tropical) Line Yellowfish:
WF floating line, nymph taper. Flies Tigerfish:
Black over purple whistlers in 3/0
Olive and White whistler 3/0
Blue and White whistler 3/0
Steve Farrar Bait Fish Patterns Size 3/0 in Black, black over grey, olive
over grey, blue over white, natural.
Brush flies Size 3/0 and 4/0 in Olive, rainbow, tan, blue and white, all black, black over grey.
Clousers tied on 2/0 hooks in black, red and black, fire tiger, grey and black, Olive and grey, blue over white
EP bait fish Size 3/0 – black, black and grey, olive and white, blue and white, rainbow, black and red, yellow and black
Deer Hair Baitfish 3/0 and 4/0 in Olive, Black and Red, Black and Blue,
Yellow and Black All flies to be tied on Tiemco 600Sp hooks – size 2/0 and 3/0 Flies Yellowfish:
Selection of standard weighted Mayfly and Caddis Nymphs in size 10 – 16.
As this is a reasonably new fishery, our guides are still working on best patterns and will tie flies as the season progresses.
All flies to be tied on quality hooks Tiemco 600SP NOTE: Gamakatsu B10s (standard fly hook for tiger fish) is too thin and not applicable for this fishery.   Leaders and tippet Tigerfish:
40lb Maxima Ultra Green 45 lb. Tourette Fishing Knottable Tiger Wire Leader and tipper Yellowfish:
9ft 3X tapered leaders 4x and 5x fluorocarbon tippet